About Us


Ghost Toast – an experimental post/progrock band – was formed in the autumn of 2008 in Debrecen, Hungary. It had 3 members at first (Bence Rózsavölgyi – guitar, László Papp – drums, János Stefán – bass). János Pusker (- keyboards, cello) joined later, in the spring of 2009.

We endeavoured to write our own songs from the very beginning and find the (few) common focal points in the members’ musical taste through which we can drive the individual ideas and concepts together.

The music we make is a product of 4 individuals, all members sharing the creation process almost equally. The songs are of instrumental nature, few or no vocals at all, so they tend to differ from the common, usual ones. Their structures are intentionally messed up, partly for the reason that all songs were based on improvisations during rehearsals.

We love heavy, trippy music and movie scores as well, so we use these elements to create something that is special to us. We are passionate about making music, and try to put all our hearts into our songs.


1. Toast in the shell (self-released in  February 28, 2011)

2. There is no en… (self-released in November 22, 2013)

3. Out of this World (Inverse Records, June 7, 2017)

ghost toast