About Us


Ghost Toast was formed in the autumn of 2008 in Debrecen, Hungary. It had 3 members at first (Bence Rózsavölgyi – guitar, László Papp – drums, János Stefán – bass). János Pusker (- keyboards, cello) joined later, in the spring of 2009. The name comes from one of those crazy ideas in the bath-tub, as most band names do, let’s leave it at that. We endeavoured to write our own songs from the very beginning and find the (few) common focal points in the members’ musical taste through which we can drive the individual ideas and concepts together.

The music we make is a product of 4 individuals, all members sharing the creation process almost equally. The songs are of instrumental nature, few or no vocals at all, so they tend to differ from the common, usual ones. Their structures are intentionally messed up, partly for the reason that all songs were based on improvisations during rehearsals. Perhaps the end of the initial, path-seeking era – ranging from the very beginning until the end of 2010 – is the first LP, titled Toast in the Shell, which you can listen to on the site and download it in its full form. The “songs” on this album ( quotation marks are needed because you will not find any singing, per se) are of many moods and styles: e.g. we summon Morricone, Dirty Harry, we play metal, drum n’ bass, hard, soft and even waltz, so we would tend to pass on the classification of our music – anyway, whoever got to reading up to this point has probably already clicked on the Play button anyway.

Our goal is first and foremost to entertain ourselves, which was achieved, and hopefully others will like it as well. About our future plans: we had already started writing new songs, which we would like to finish and record as soon as possible. We will try to come up with something fresh and new, there are plenty of ideas around. In 2013, after 2 long years, the new album finally emerged, titled There Is No En…, which, we sincerely hope, is showing the path and the long way which the band has taken since 2008. New sound, new themes, new tunes, new ideas – hop on to the Music page and have a listen yourself. And tell us what you think!

ghost toast