Concert, MODEM, RED!


We are going to perform at a self-organized event in the indoor garden of MODEM, with the band called RED. Actually, this would be the “usual” yearly event (celebrated with a concert, or not) of ours for the birthday show (it’s the sixth now!), so we will be preparing with a prolonged program along with some stunning visuals!

The formation called RED is also an instrumental band, and among others they are playing songs from the unavoidable band in progrock circles, King Crimson. Their name comes from this particular track:

The visuals for the GT show would be assured by the usual video projection – which this time we will try to present in as huge a form as possible – and also by the Debrecen group Escargots Enflammés, who are superbly professional, so the show is promised to be a pretty hot one – in this type of weather that we have these days, even the flames could cool you down, huh?

And since it’s a birthday, it is high time for Pusi to encompany us on the stage for a couple of songs (as it is probably known, due to his obligations as a cello artist he has very few time to devote to playing with us live), and he will spice the music up with cello play even in songs that he didn’t do for the album.

So you have nothing else to do but show up at the garden of Modem, where the venue Zöld Szamár is eagerly waiting – so not only you would be entertained, but also your thirst would be eliminated as well!

The concert is free for all attendees.


Click here for the Facebook event.

And here’s a link to the preview from the MODEM site (in Hungarian).