Ghost Toast & The Ravens

WY @ Legacy shoot


Dear Friends!

Something really big happened!!! It’s not a secret that our bass player, János Stefán is a very big fan of the Baltimore Ravens. Today the largest Ravens fanpage, the Russel Street Report (Ravens 247) shared his story and our song Legacy, because in it you can hear a pre-game speech by Ray Lewis, former member of the Ravens, given at Stanford University to their basketball team. In the article you can find another song’s (Nor defeat) link. In that one the speech is from John Harbaugh, head coach of the Ravens. We are very happy, and honored!

Check out the article here!

Fun facts and details about Legacy and its background can be found here, and for Nor Defeat click here.


Update: well we just learned that John Harbaugh himself gave a listen to the two songs, and he “loved them”! 🙂

Thanks a million to Tony Lombardi from RSR for making this happen, for the kind words and the support, we appreciate it!