Ray LewisDying to know where and what the speech from Legacy is?

 It’s from a pre-game speech by Ray Lewis, future Hall of Famer and former member of the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens, given at the Stanford University to their basketball team. See the video and the transcript below.


Let me tell you something: If tomorrow wasn’t promised, what would you give for today? Forget everything else. Forget everything else. Forget that there was any sunlight left. What would you spend today thinking about. Yourself? Or the man that’s beside you? Or the man that you know you’d give everything in your heart for?

We get one opportunity in life. One chance in life … to do whatever you’re gonna do. To lay your foundation. To make whatever mark you’re gonna make. To leave whatever legacy you’re gonna leave. Leave your legacy. And it’s found through effort.

find the rest of the transcipt here, courtesy of SBNation.