Moonlight Adventure

Though it may be surprising a bit, but the music in this cute little game was created by Ghost Toast (well, sort of, mostly by WarYou and contribution by Bence) Available on Android and iOS as well! Check it out, it’s really nice!  

Special prize on a local talent show

We received a special prize within a local talent show, organized in East Hungary every year, called Kelet Underground. We are very grateful for all the support and the positive feedback we received!  The results of the special prize (appearance on a local TV station) will be shared on the site as well! Thanks again…

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How are you doing?

This is just an update to show that we’re good, we’re breathing and hopefully so do you 🙂   The album is doing great, a whole lot of people expressed their joy over it already and hopefully there are more to follow. Please share your feelings with us, it helps a lot.   Thanks for…

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