Quick round-up of recent news

Hi everyone!

Quite a lot has happened recently, here’s a short round-up:

First, check out some videos from our birthday concert from the MODEM center in Debrecen. In the latter ones you can see the firebending (:P) group of Escargots Enflammes who accompanied us! It was huge and we had a great time. The quality of the videos is not flawless, but that was the most we could get out of it. Enjoy!


Then, we had a session with a painter/artist Gabriella B. Nagy, who painted a picture to some of our songs from the first album. It was a unique thing, we hope to do it again sometime, you can check out the result from the attached picture!


And last but not least: we have enrolled a somewhat unique talent-seeking program, created by a local studio, where one would go and play a song live, they would record it for audio and video, and create a custom audiovisual experience that would then be reviewed by a jury of experts.

It was very interesting, and we are happy to announce that our song Legacy tied for the first place with a band called Plugin – but in other words: we won! 🙂

you can find a summary of it all in the below video (the interview is in Hungarian)

That’s it for now, thanks for checking us out!