We have a new drummer!

Dear Everyone!

After 12 fantastic years, our drummer and friend László Papp (LACI) is leaving the band. He has other plans for the future, but we will be friends forever!

At the same time we have some good news too! PLEASE WELCOME our new drummer, Zoltán Cserős (aka. ZOMA)! He is a long time friend of ours, he was there when Ghost Toast was born – our first songs were written with him back in 2006-2007.

Last but not least, here are Laci’s words to you:

„The last 12 years were a defining stage in my life and i’m proud of it in spite of the hiccups that sometimes occured. Many things have changed around us, though. We made a lot of progress during these times, but i still feel that maintaining the quality of the music and its construction requires great precision, attention and a whole lot of practice – but since my goals are different than before, my energy is focused on other things now. I would like to try completely different stuff as well. Thanks to the others; WarYou, Bence, Pusi (they accepted and understood my decision) and would like to wish much success to the band and Zoma as well in the future.”