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AC Rock Reviews

“Overall, Ghost Toast have managed to satisfy a magnitude of requirements thanks to their skill, talent and sheer determination. This expressive album is a must see for any Experimental Prog Rock fan.”


Third Eye Cinema

“There’s even a bit of outre instrumentation for this sort of thing – keyboardist Janos Pusker also drops cello into the mix on a fairly regular basis (which brings Zappa’s collaborations with Jean Luc Ponty to mind). It works so well, I can’t even tell ya…sweet.”


AEA Zine

“I definitely want to hear more from Ghost Toast. I was very impressed by the powerful guitar, strong bass, as well as hard hitting drums. The cello adds a kick ass touch. I thought all of the Out of This World album was well written/composed with the perfect balance of slower tracks and hard hitting heavy tracks. Some of the tracks, such as Last Man, with the bits of speech have somewhat of an end of days feel, which fits well with the music in my opinion. I definitely like the high energy sound Ghost Toast has.”


Progressive Music Planet

Out of This World starts off SOOOOO great with the first two tracks, “Ka Mai” and “Gordius.” Both songs have KILLER riffs, time changes here and there and just sound great overall. Each time I have listened to the album, I think “wow, this is going to get a great review!” Yes I think that even though I’ve heard the whole thing a few times. That’s how great these two songs are.

Sadly, the euphoria ends after those two tracks.’