Out of This World lemezkritikák 2.

Szerencsére szép számmal jelentek meg lemezkritikák az Out of This World-ről.

Ezeket összegyűjtöttük nektek néhány csokorba. (A teljes cikkért klikk a linkre.)


Metal Injection

“What the hell would make a band call themselves Ghost Toast?  Turns out, Ghost Toast are amazing! They’re a Hungarian band that do indeed perform instrumental prog. However, musically they meld as a complete band. The musicianship is stellar, but they’re not just taking turns to flail. They’re sound is somewhere between Russian Circles, Scale The Summit, and Tool with touches of world music.”


Toilet Ov Hell

“The cello is often a nice stand in for vocals, but I can’t say I’m in love with some of the electronic features. Atmospherics and weird textural sounds are good, but throwing in a dance beat is maybe a little much for me.”



“Un disco para dejar volar la imaginación, nada de estrés y si quieres soñar esta banda húngara te lo pone en bandeja.”

“A record to let your imagination fly, no stress and if you want to dream this Hungarian band puts you on a tray.”


The Rocktologist

“The album as a whole is stuffed with skill, variety and interesting moments. It never feels like a voice is missing and just rolls along. It’s one of the best instrumental pieces I have heard for a good while.”