Out of This World reviews vol. 3.

There are plenty of reviews of Out of This World. We are going to share all with you. This is the 3rd part.

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Return to my blood

‘Como dije antes, no me sorprendería si este disco llega a ser el mejor título instrumental del año pues está en otros estándares de composición sobrepasando la locura procreada a base de sueños lucidos y sonrientes memorias. “Out of This World” es una mano que todos los amantes de la creatividad deben tomar para transportarse fuera de los conceptos establecidos por la memoria terrestre y experimentar más allá de este mundo.’

‘As I said before, I would not be surprised if this album becomes the best instrumental title of the year because it is in other standards of composition surpassing the madness procreated based on lucid dreams and smiling memories. “Out of This World” is a hand that all lovers of creativity must take to transport themselves out of the concepts set by earthly memory and experience beyond this world.’


United Rock Nations

‘Les morceaux se différencient d’autres groupes: pas de longueur, des changements d’ambiance et d’atmosphère, de la technique pas pour la technique et donc pas de démonstration. Des compositions mêlant rock prog, folk et des éléments Metal à la Tool et Fates Warning tels que ”Ka Mai”.

Si je devais citer quelques titres pour vous donner l’envie d’écouter cet opus, je dirai ”Alia” morceau ambiant et doux. Je pourrais également citer ”The Dragon’s Tail”, morceau à l’orchestration abouti.’

‘The pieces differ from other groups: no length, changes in atmosphere and atmosphere, technique not for technique and therefore no demonstration. Compositions combining rock prog, folk and Metal elements to the Tool and Fates Warning such as ” Ka Mai ”. If I had to quote a few titles to give you the desire to listen to this opus, I will say ” Alia ” ambient and soft song. I could also quote ” The Dragon’s Tail ”, a piece with a successful orchestration.’


Lettere dall’ underground

‘Out of This World è un lavoro molto ben fatto. E’ un disco che ha un background chiaro e fortissimo. E’ un disco che può piacere a tanta gente perché in tanti si possono rispecchiare nei suoi brani. E’ monumentale, è intimo, è di altri mondi ma è anche così essenziale da raccontare la nostra casa, il nostro mondo. Creo che i Ghost Toast meritano lo spazio adatto che renda giustizia a la loro capacità musicale immensa.’

‘Out of This World  is a job very well done. It ‘a disc that has a clear and strong background. It ‘an album that can appeal to many people because so many can reflect in its tracks. And ‘monumental, it’s intimate, it’s from another world but it is also so important to tell our home, our world. I create the Ghost Toast  deserve suitable space that does justice to their immense musical abilities.’


Rock in Spain

‘Es muy difícil encontrar discos instrumentales que merezcan la pena, por suerte en España cada vez están saliendo más bandas que hacen este tipo de música a un alto nivel. Los húngaros Ghost Toast han conseguido algo muy difícil, que es conseguir su propio sonido.’

‘It is very difficult to find instrumental records that are worth it, luckily in Spain more and more bands are coming out that make this type of music to a high level. The Hungarian Ghost Toast have achieved something very difficult, which is to get their own sound.’