Out of This World reviews vol. 4.

There are plenty of reviews of Out of This World. We are going to share all with you. This is the 4th part.

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“O álbum acaba, assim, por ser quase uma banda sonora para a vida. Como a vida, só mesmo experimentando se consegue entender a diversidade de estruturas e elementos sonoros que compõe a música dos Ghost Toast… Não é possível colocar em meras palavras.”

“The album ends up being almost a soundtrack to life. As life, just by experimenting can you understand the diversity of structures and sound elements that makes up the music of Ghost Toast … It can not be put into mere words.”


It djents

“With a highly varied and tonally interesting batch of well-executed songs on their new record, they have crafted something that will surprise and engage you time and again throughout its near hour-long runtime.”

“Szerencsére a Ghost Toast ügyesen építette föl a dalokat, ugyanis minden egyes nótába sikerült valami izgalmasat belecsempészniük. Sokszor az az érzésem, mintha filmzenét hallgatnék, a külön álló dalok pedig más és más jelenetek.”


M.N. Levinsen

“The album is a mixture of heavy experimental and trippy prog rock, world music, folk, and electronic music with a cinematic grandiose soundscape.”