Out of This World reviews vol. 5.

There are plenty of reviews of Out of This World. We are going to share all with you. This is the 5th part.

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“Nach einem letzten musikalischen Höhenflug geleiten GHOST TOAST den Hörer mit ruhigen Klängen zur Erde zurück. Es ist wie das sanfte Erwachen aus einem wunderschönen Traum. Mit dem Unterschied, dass es für “Out Of This World” einen Replay-Button gibt, den ich nur zu gern betätige.” – (9/10) –

“After a last musical high-altitude flight, GHOST TOAST return the listener to the earth with quiet sounds. It is like the gentle awakening from a beautiful dream. With the difference that there is a replay button for “Out Of This World”, which I only like to do.”



“The pacing and fantastic songwriting also aid in keeping the album interesting all the way through. Prog fans should definitely not sleep on this album.”


Eternally rocking

“En conclusión, es un espléndido disco para que los más jugones ambienten una partida de rol, pero Ghost Toast no parecen tener mucho enfoque al escenario como banda de rock, sino más bien como un buen conjunto sinfónico.”

In conclusion, it is a splendid album for the most players to play a role, but Ghost Toast do not seem to have much focus on the stage as a rock band, but rather as a good symphonic ensemble.”



“Det gir et særegent sound, og låtstrukturene viser også et band som liker å leke med varierte atmosfærer. Visse likheter til band som Fates Warning og Tool kan spores i kvartetten sin musikk. Det er også mulig å spore at ungarerne ikke nødvendigvis har teft for gode bandnavn!”
“It gives a distinctive sound, and the song structures also show a band that likes to play with varied atmospheres. Certain similarities to bands like Fates Warning and Tool can be tracked in the Quartet’s music. It is also possible to track that the Hungarians do not necessarily have flair for good band names!”